Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Survey Results so far

Well, that was certainly interesting.

If I was willing to pay SurveyMonkey for a pro account (which is well down my list of things to spend money on in the wargames industry), I could provide more detailed breakdowns, but...

Results are here.

Interesting takeaways:

  • a hair under 75% of respondents rated printed rules as a 1 (Essential) or 2, compared to only just over 50% for a PDF.
  • my guesses at average prices and the premium for colour were pretty close... viz:
    • 32 page PDF/B&W print/Colour print - £7/9/12
    • 64 page - £10/14/18
    • 100 page - £14/19/25
Comments noted re 'it depends on what the contents are like'. I accept that was kind of omitted, but was assuming, given my audience, that you're all people of excellent taste and discernment (after all, you read this! :D) and wouldn't be paying for rubbish :D

So - thanks for the replies, all 43 of you - the poll is still open if anyone else wants to offer their tuppence worth. Very useful information, especially combined wth the price list from the folks I'm talking to at present.

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