Monday, 2 September 2013

Home Guard for Chain of Command

Haven't had time to start painting yet (apart from anything else, I'm short of 2p's for bases!), but I have been looking at the draft Chain of Command list (which looks a whole barrel of laughs).

Sadly, Stronghold Miniatures, who are the only current source of 28mm goodies like the Smith Gun, Northover Projector and Blacker Bombard, appear to be on an indefinite hiatus. If anyone has either any more up to date info, or any examples of this (apparently it was originally a range made by SDD?) they're willing to sell, I'm all ears!

I did, however, manage, thanks to Paul of Matakishi's Teahouse's excellent blog post on his version of the same project, manage to track down a Lledo diecast version of Corporal Jones' van from Dad's Army. Corgi also make one, but it's 1:50th scale: it actually looks too tall against their own 1:50th Tiger I (which is about 9' high actual size), and as the Foundry figures are on the small side of 28mm, going with the Lledo 1:60 model looks better.

Again, if anyone has one of their models of Warden Hodges van, I'm interested!

Expect more as I start to get stuff painted up.


  1. I assume you will be taking Alison Brooks' article into account when building invasion scenarios?

    1. Fascination.

      I may have to apply option 1 (Take a very large cluebat to all the German higher command) and accept that I get my artistic license revoked :D

  2. Looking forward to seeing your efforts Mike. Great article Roger!


  3. I have the Corgi version. Pip, pip.

  4. If you haven't found the Stronghold stuff already, a kind chap over on the VBCW Forum has made contact with the owner and will have some for sale to members of the Forum very shortly. You can join and put your name down - I've been looking for the same stuff for ages ! Good luck !


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