Thursday, 5 September 2013

Chain of Command - Germany 1939 list now up

Heads up, Chain of Command players!

Rich has just announced the arrival of the Germany 1939 list on the TFL blog, with options for Regular and SS versions. Two pages of PDF, so won't kill your printer too badly :D Looking good.

Also, there's now a official Too Fat Lardies forum: and no, I'm not interested in the arguments over which of the list and the forum is better. I shall be using both.

Apropos of nothing: how many of the members of the Historical Miniature Gaming Society Legion d'Honneur have you heard of? Can't decide if I should be embarrassed that my answer is a princely 4.


  1. I like the TFL rules sets, and will get CoC when I can. I'm not over-bothered with the argument over forum vs. yahoo either, and will use both. As for the HMGS... I met a few chaps from that outfit here in Ohio and they're fine. I resist the temptation to join them though, due to the unpleasantness I keep hearing about the HMGS organisation. I really don't care about their awards or medals. Tin-pot stuff for tin-pot personalities who need that kind of thing. I'd far rather game solo than put up with a load of crap of that kind.

  2. I had heard of a few of those names but mostly the ones now in the deceased section. I have downloaded the German supplement but not had the chance to crack it open and see what is inside yet. Will do now.

  3. Well I too fail to recognise most of the names.

    However Mike I should like to award you a PWC Purple Heart for wounds received in action when stabbed by a Kontos at Axes.

    Congratulations old boy.

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  5. Eight for me but most of those are just "recognize" and not "be aware of their actual contribution to the hobby".

  6. 20 odd for me, fairly Americo-centric as I guess you'd expect given this is HMGS... also more interesting for the absences....... no Tony Bath/Charles Grant (either)/Terry Wise/Peter Young, more surprisingly given the nature of the beast, no Jack Scruby either? It's possible of course you have to be alive to be invited in the first place.... :o)

  7. Twenty seven. Probably comes from spending too much time at PMT.


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