Saturday, 14 September 2013

Chain of Command early war Finnish list

This list is now out - another cracking piece of work by the TFL team plus Finnish Lardie Ville Savin, who's been digging through their National Archives and also written an excellent piece on Finnish tactics to go with it.

If this is what you were waiting for before committing to the Winter War Kickstarter, now's your chance! The Kickstarter's taken off like a rocket - already on well over £11K, with the next stretch goal being a T-26 tank. I'm toying with whether to go for a Russian platoon as well: it's quite amusing how biased the single-platoon pledges are in favour of the Finns (42-7 at present), and I'd like to be sure I can find an opponent.

1 comment:

  1. The early offers were so Finn directed I am not surprised. Now the T70 and 2nd level of stretch goals are in reach I think it will swing the way of the Russians soon.

    I was hoping to get a mate to go for the Russians but he is not interested. I may still pick up the finns though



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