Monday, 9 September 2013

Kickstarter Watch - Winter War 28mms from Baker Company

OK - I kind of was going to shut up about Chain of Command for a bit, honest. But this is too good not to promote:

Baker Company (aka Gavin Tyler) are running a Kickstarter for some rather nice looking 28mm Winter War miniatures, both Finnish and early war Russian. Obviously, just as cool for Bolt Action as CoC :D

While it's not my period, and I probably have enough WW2 armies now, I'm at the least adding myself to the backer count and publicising it, because this one deserves to succeed.


  1. You have my attention on this!


  2. Like we were going to fall for that old chesnut of you being quiet!!! it got my attention though :)

  3. Oh nice period where the Russians are REALLY crap fighting a much smaller but better lead enemy


  4. Why should anyone shut up about a system that works well?

    It's only because companies beat on about systems that don't work so well that they become more popular.

    Winter war is not my thing, but anything that takes 'WW2' away from late War gets my vote! ;-)

  5. By a curious coincidence, the Lardies have just released a 1939-1940 Soviet list for CoC, and hope to have the Finns "in a few days".


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