Friday, 27 September 2013

Todo list

Definitely time for a revisit, since the nights are closing in and I'm no longer losing evenings to (oh the tragedy) sitting on the boundary edge with a pint watching my son play cricket.

So, here's the short term list:

  • 28mm Foundry Home Guard Platoon for Chain of Command - already undercoated with PSC English Uniform Warspray.
  • 15mm Battlefront British Infantry Company for IABSM - also undercoated, mostly based and about 3/4 done.
  • 10 15mm Shermans from the Flames of War Open Fire box to assemble and paint,
  • The one I'm dreading - a spears and swords repair run on my Dux Brit army. Too many broken plastic spears and unstuck metal ones. I probably ought to replace some of the Wargames Factory plastics with the new Gripping Beast ones, too
  • Figuring out what I need to add to my Normans for Carve Out A Kingdom.
That should keep me busy for the foreseeable future!


  1. I'm really noticing it getting darker earlier too! I can't shade in artificial light so can only do base colours...

  2. I have been using my head torch for a week to walk the dogs so can agree getting dark too soon, greta looking todo list I think I will fail on many of the ones I put on my todo by Xmas list
    Peace James

  3. I began my Winter painting routine tonight because of the bloody abomination Stricty Bruce Forsythe. Finishing off the last batch of a 15mm Napoleonic Austrian infantry regiment who's name escapes me and I couldn't care less. Certainly the most boring figures to paint (Battle Honours), but they have to match in with other figures. If it continues like this I'll have slashed my wrists before BST returns, never mind composing an actual list!


    1. However dull painting Napoleonic Austrians is, it has to be better than watching "Strictly Come Dancing" with the rest of the family, right Gary?

    2. If I'm in the room I'm armed with my iPod and doing something that keeps me out of line of sight of the TV.

      I'm waiting for the news item announcing Forsythe's arrest as part of the Operation Yewtree investigations.

    3. I love Strictly! Just based and filed my North Star Seven Samurai to it last night!

  4. I can recommend the Gripping Beast's plastics as they are quite strong

  5. You're going to be busy, Mike! Don't worry, you could always have a pint on the table while you're painting!!!

  6. I miss valuable painting time by standing around on the touchlines of a rugby pitch watching my sone play.


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