Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A few updates

I could spread these out over several days, but that would be cheating. Besides, I have a Dux Bellorum battle report lined up for tomorrow :D

So, here is the news:

  • Congratulations to Gavin of Baker Company, as the Winter War Kickstarter I mentioned yesterday has already passed its initial target and first two stretch goals!
  • For those of you still wondering whether or not to back the above, the official Russian early war list for Chain of Command has just been published, and the Finns are soon to follow. The Russian list is three pages long, including stats for various early war AFVs and the missing rules for Russian Commissars.
  • Another interesting Kickstarter for moulding figure bases. A different take on the problem to a previous one I flagged up.
  • My wave two Sedition Wars Kickstarter swag just turned up. I do appear to have managed to get UPS trained out of leaving it on the doorstep, too!


  1. That doorstep thing you managed is rather good, can you write up a manual on it.

    I have looked in on that kickstarter for the fins and russians and alrady wondering if I can get a mate to buy into it (him taking the Russians of course)


  2. Well it's topped £5,000 and still going. One thing I have noticed is that until it tops £9,000 the Russian backers don't seem to get a good deal but then it's really good for them from there



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