Monday, 30 September 2013

Battle Report - 30 September 2013 - Chain of Command

Just made it back from Wembley before midnight with a thumping headache, which (fortunately) by the morning had been replaced by a somewhat hoarse voice and some hearing threshold shift - Wembley was LOUD. (And the Vikings WON, which I care about even if most of my readers except a couple won't!)

Tonight down the club we played Chain of Command - Gary brought along some of his newly painted early war Germans and Brits. I sadly haven't finished my Home Guard yet, so we fought over a patch of Belgium instead. Carl and I took the Brits, in defence against Carl and newcomer Mike's Germans.

As I'm still somewhat wiped from last night, I'm not going to attempt a full battle report. However, much more importantly, I think the key point of interest in this game wasn't the action per se, but the fact that t'other Mike hadn't played before, but did have a lot of experience with WW2 infantry tactics. It was fascinating seeing him suggest courses of action and watching just how well the rules were able to provide for them.

The end result, due in large part to some decent tactics from the Germans, was a British defeat. We didn't make particularly good use of our supports, and didn't get (in the time available) to call in a mortar barrage which would have evened things up a bit. Also, the Boyes AT rifle had a free flank shot at the Germans PzIII. And missed, needing a 5 on 2d6! Argh!

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  1. Please keep these coming I need the prodding to get into this



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