Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Meeples and Miniatures 113

Slightly belated announcement, but after a late recording session last Friday, Neil has worked the necessary audio wizardry, and we have a new episode.

In which Mike H and Neil discuss Godslayer (which was an eyeopener for me, since I'd never heard a thing about it) while I attempt to field an unexpected phone call from my parents (good editing, mate!), and then the Two Mikes (that's me and him) explain Judge Dredd to Neil.

That's it for me for a bit as far as things I'm qualified to talk about :D Neil has some interviews lined up, which should keep the episodes rolling for a while. And you might be able to guess some of the things I might be talking about when I'm next on if you follow this blog.

In other news? The Winter War Kickstarter's still going mental, I haven't upgraded to iOS 7 yet, and I need to get cracking on painting my Home Guard as Gary's already finished his early war Germans. :)

Tomorrow, some thoughts on copyright, fuelled by a discussion on the Bloggers Wargames Group.

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