Friday, 20 September 2013

Friday news roundup

This may become a habit: we'll see.
  • If you enjoyed the Meeples and Miniatures review of the game with myself and Mike Hobbs, you need to know that Mongoose have put up some previews of the new Judge Dredd rulebook. It'll still be available for download but if, like me, you like having a physical copy to play out of, this is the one to have. It's due out Oct 18th.
  • Plastic Soldier Company are having a 30% off sale on all 15mm vehicle box sets from now through to midnight on Sunday 22nd. Must... resist...
  • Upgrading to iOS7 as we speak. I wasn't going to, but one of the family members for whom I do Tech Support has been seduced by the siren call of the magic words 'Update Available', and now can't find anything... Argh!
  • Just finished undercoating all my Home Guard. For anyone else interested, Pat has just put up final draft 2 of the unofficial list for Chain of Command, which should become official soon.
  • Tomorrow I get to play Sharp Practice for the first time with Tim D.
Have a good weekend!


  1. There is no 'e' in Sharp Practice. Copyright issues don't y'know. See you later. T

    1. *sounds of typing* Sure I don't know what you mean, Tim :D

  2. I enjoy your review of Judge Dredd as I too have been a JD fanboy for some years and thanks to the podcast I am going to get some, damn and blast, lol.

    IoS 7 also saused great fun with my IPhone5 but now it works find and looks very nice.


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