Friday, 6 September 2013

Blog-con - 9-10 Nov 2013

An invite to the Bloggers Wargames Group Google+ community popped up in my inbox last night - thanks James!

Even more interesting, they're planning a con - Blog-con (ok, it's not the world's most imaginative name, but it does what it says on the tin) - at the new Wargames Foundry arena in Nottingham on the 9th/10th November. I think the motto's meant to read 'I Came, I Saw, I Wrote About It".

Since I seem to have very foolishly missed out on Scriv's El Cid campaign day on the 10th (silly me), I just might have to go along.

(On which topic? Not too late to book a place at our club's 'Normans In Italy' WAB Campaign day, 'Carve Out A Kingdom' on the 24th of November!)


  1. look forward to seeing you there
    Peace James

  2. Would be cool if you can make it, even cooler if you run a Chain of Command game


  3. Hope you can make it Mike - I'm heading up there for the Saturday.

  4. Look forward to seeing you there Mike


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