Friday, 23 January 2015

Revising the CoC QRS

Yes, I know I've been talking about this rather a lot this week, but hey - it's all in a good cause and folks seem to like it.

Things I'm considering and I'd like folks' opinions on:

  • Should I make a black and white low-print-cost version? (I already have one vote for this that I know of)?
  • Americans, and other souls who have not seen the light of ISO paper sizes: Is it worth me doing a version formatted for borderless US Letter (8 1/2" x 11") or are you happy using Fit To Page or scaling by 95% to print, just like Rich makes you do with all the PDF-only supplements?
  • I think there are a couple of things missing that matter:
    • the covering fire rules (which I think I can squeeze on Page 2 with a bit of creative editing)
    • the Master Arsenal table: to fit this on I'd need to lose the Useful References and QRS QRS sections from Page 6, and probably a couple of other things as well). With that in mind, what would you not mind losing?
Comment away!


  1. First, thanks very much for doing this. (1) yes, a B&W version would be good; (2) yes, because I'll forget to scale down, a US Letter version would be good (if it's not too much bother); (3) yes, lose the references and QRS QRS and replace with other rules or stats.

  2. B/w - don't care
    ISO - don't care
    Wes and references off is okay

  3. Go on all to help all. Yhamks for uou efforts

  4. BW -do not care
    US Scale-This is easy to fix with the printer I would not do two versions
    MAS-Yes focus your attention here. It is hard to judge a QRS until you use it, I am not getting a game in until another 2 weeks. But yours looks very good.



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