Thursday, 22 January 2015

"Old Skool"?

Northstar's "Nick's Bargain Basement" sale is still going. I was particularly amused, in the light of the analysis I did on the club's top 20 games last year by this....

And I quote:
"Remember when Ancient Wargaming meant legions of 28mm miniatures marching across the table-top? Lets relive those heady days again with these North Star Old Skool Ancient Army Deals."
So, playing with big armies is old school now, huh? An interesting thought....

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  1. I think it's down to the influx of 'skirmish' type rulesets that have hit the oniine retailers over the past few years. Maybe a nod back to the days of WAB etc too(?).

    Let's face it, Saga, Dux Britannia, Lion Rampant, Immortals and all the other Osprey books are easily described as skirmish requiring a relative handful of mini's compared with WAB etc. That's not to say that these rulesets requiring large armies have died out, quite the contrary, but we do see more and more mini rulesets needing smaller collections popping out of the publishers more and more these days.

    Just my tuppence worth,


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