Friday, 2 January 2015

Buying stuff in 2015

In the short term, just got back from the Hobbycraft sale with

  • 2 sheets of A1 artists board
  • one X-Acto knife (of the snap-off blade variety, because after scenery building sessions chez moi they're always nowhere to be found)
  • one Really Useful 11x7L drawer set for a very reasonable £39.
The latter should ensure I can actually tidy away 90%+ of the debris that's littering my workbenches and then find it again afterwards!

In the longer term, apropos of a discussion on the TFL list and a public pledge you'll hear on the next Meeples podcast, herewith my actual New Year Resolution (as I said to Mike Hobbs, the stuff I posted on New Year's Eve was mostly commitments, not resolutions).
I will not buy any figures for new armies, scales or periods this year. 
 I have plenty of stuff to paint! (and the bits of several Kickstarters on their way still) :D

Just for clarity, the definition of 'new' is meant to stop me, for example, starting a DAK army in 28mm or a British Para army in 15mm, even though I have WW2 in both scales (and specifically have NW Europe in 15mm and British Paras in 28mm), or suddenly deciding that I was wrong all along and I should be playing WW2 NW Europe in 6mm. It's not meant to stop me filling a gap in the forces for a scenario in a period/army I already have.

The one exception to this is (as an incentive to me) if I finish my writing project to the point where it needs playtesting, I am allowed to buy forces for the playtest :D


  1. Sounds like an entirely reasonable set of 'guidelines' to me...

  2. Such ideas never survive first contact with a show LOL


  3. Poundland is good for cheap knives to use for making scenery. You get about eight of the things for a pound.

  4. Have you moved to small Really Useful boxes for Firefly-the-game counter storage yet? The tiny tall ones are pretty much perfect. has more.


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