Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A closer look at our top 20

I was going to post something else, but I was distracted by a Warlord announcement about yet another 'boutique RPG game' [(c) Mike Hobbs, 2013], namely a Terminator tie in, which caused me to sigh 'what, again?' rather.

Let's break down our top 20 from a couple of days ago into some broad categories you can all disagree about in the comments section :D

20th Century Historical (Platoon-): Chain of Command,. Bolt Action, (Dead's Army)
20th Century Historical (Company+): Battlegroup Overlord(etc), Flames of War 'Nam
20th Century Air: Wings of War
Pre-1900 Large Scale Historical: Black Powder, WAB, War and Conquest, Death In The Dark Continent,
Pre-1900 Skirmish Historical: Dux Britanniarum, (WAB campaign) Bushido
SF/Fantasy Large Scale: Warhammer, Oldhammer, 40K (sometimes), Future War Commander
SF/Fantasy "Ship": XWing, Battlefleet Gothic, Dystopian Wars
SF/Fantasy Skirmish: Deadzone, Warmahordes, Judge Dread, Dreadball, 40K (sometimes)

Interesting: I was expecting, before I started counting, more games that fell into the 'boutique RPG-lite'/Necromunda 'gang' category, or whatever you want to call it, especially with single-manufacturer setting-specific figures. It's pretty much a 50/50 split between historical and not, in terms of games, but probably weighted towards not if I could be bothered to count number of players (which I may do this year).

I'm sure there's a conclusion to be drawn here, but I'm coming down with a cold and it's escaping me. :)


  1. Interesting. I don't get along to my club very often but I do read the weekly reports. Main games seem to be FOG, FOG-R FOG-N and DBMM, No Warhammer at all - some other SF games Martian Empire and Star Wars. No fantasy except occasional LotR.. Wings of War. Some Darkest Africa and recently IHMN and Muskets and Tomahawks. Used to be a lot of WAB but not now.

    Nearly all historical. If I had to choose one term to broadly describe the club it would be 15mm FOG historical...

  2. Going by what I've seen at shows lately, you could be forgiven for thinking that nearly everything was small unit infantry skirmish, whether historical or not. Granted, that folds three of your categories together. But "big" infantry games, and armour / air / naval / space, were nowhere to be seen. OK, no point selling X-Wing at a wargames show because it's a fungible product and you just have to compete on price…


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