Sunday, 18 January 2015

Chain of Command QRS

I'm running a demo game of Chain of Command at the club tomorrow, so I figured I'd print off a couple of quick reference sheets for the players...

Except that I really didn't like any of the ones I could find online. So of course, I've just spent three hours editing together my own. It's available in a first draft here - comments welcome, as I'd like to tune it before I uploaded to the TFL group.

[Tip of the hat to Last Hussar, who's trick of including the section references I stole shamelessly, and to Rich for the original QRS and the CoC logo.]


  1. Great work Mike. Layout is great & no obvious errors. Love the addition of the section references.

  2. Rules for firing High Explosives/HE don't seem to be there.

    Or indirect mortar fire.

    1. Nuts. l thought it all fitted too nicely. ;)

      Back to the drawing board.

  3. Great Job Mike, love it. Haven't gone through it all yet, but I think under the Sniper section it should say hits on 3+ rather than just 3.
    Cheers Barrie

  4. Thank you Mike, this looks jolly useful.


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