Saturday, 17 January 2015

PSC Pz38(t)/Marder III recall

Just a heads up if, like me, you picked up a box of the 15mm PSC 38(t)'s this past week or two. (In my case, because I wanted some Marder IIIs, which were supplied by Reuben from PE2 Collectables). According to PSC:
"Really sorry everyone but the 15mm Panzer 38t and Marder frame is not right and we have stopped the production run to modify the tool and get it right. The mods will not take long and we will be back in production next week. All those you have received a pre-modification kit will be sent a new improved kit. Anyone who bought an early kit from a retailer - please contact your retailer next week."
Oops.  Ah well. Guess I'll hang on before assembling mine :D

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