Monday, 5 January 2015

Top 20 most popular games of 2014...

Well, down our club on a Monday night, anyway.

This is taken from the list of scheduled games posted to our forum before each Monday for the past year - obviously it doesn't include games arranged on the day... and it is skewed by the club campaigns... but here we go:
20th=: Wings Of War, Bushido, Flames Of War 'Nam, Future War Commander, Kings Of War: 3
14th=: Death In The Dark Continent, XWing, Black Powder, Dead's Army, Battlegroup Whatever, Deadzone: 4
12th=: Dux Britanniarum, War And Conquest: 5
10th=: Chain Of Command, Battlefleet Gothic: 6
9th:  OldHammer: 8
8th: Judge Dredd: 9
7th: Warhammer 40k: 10
6th: Dystopian Wars: 11
5th: Bolt Action: 21
3rd=: Dreadball, Warhammer Fantasy: 25
2nd: Warmachine/Hordes: 26
1st: Warhammer Ancient Battles: 27
If you knock off 5 or so[1] from each of Warhammer, WAB and Dreadball, as they were major campaigns/leagues/ladders over the whole year, then the top game is Warmahordes, followed by WAB and Bolt Action.

[1] That's basically knock off 10 for 10 monthly campaign evenings but add 5 back on because the main reason there were campaigns is they were popular games!


  1. What a wonderfully diverse range of games - I'm both envious and delighted for you and your mates!

  2. Interesting results. Of course it doesn't take into account the number of games taking place or the number of players involved. One listing for Bolt Action (for example) could easily represent 3 games taking place with half a dozen players, and we regularly had 10+ players for Dreadball. It'd be interesting to see the same list weighted for number of players, though I suspect WarmaHordes would still be up near the top.

    Not interesting enough that I'm willing to work it out myself, mind you. :-P


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