Friday, 30 January 2015

Phew (again).

I have had a week.

I'm probably not allowed to talk about some of the work-related IT fun I've had this week - suffice it to say that the number of unscheduled breakages only I could fix had better get me a decent end of year review... :D

And to add insult to injury, at 4:15pm today, the very nice but hard-to-get Internet router that runs my network decided that it would stop routing packets - cue a teenager, a wife, and several hosted websites with no connectivity. And by "very hard-to-get" I mean that by the time I'd figured out it was the router, my next likely delivery date was Tuesday. It's like paint, I swear. You always run out just after the shops shut... (mind you, I suspect I could get Rueben to deliver....)

Made it to PC World before they shut, picked up a TP-Link which is not ideal but at least connected first buzz. Sometime in-between being the parental taxi service (20 mins to Stamford, back, work on router, 20 mins to Stamford, back), I think I have it working. I don't want to see the management side of any more computing hardware at ALL this weekend :D

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