Saturday, 31 January 2015

Chain of Command - "Kampfgruppe von Luck"

Rich Clarke's been busy again - another in the series of 'Pint Sized Campaigns' supplements for Chain of Command. This one covers the actions of 12 Para and 21st Panzer Division on D-Day, as the former attempt to stop the latter recapturing the bridges over the Orne, or at the very least making sure the 6th Airlanding Brigade has somewhere to land at the end of D-Day to reinforce the Paras. So, a short (in terms of elapsed time) and intense campaign.

I'm actually quietly amused, since I splurged on some Aritizan and Black Tree paras to augment my single section (originally for Op: Squad) in the sales earlier his month (so, before anyone says anything - not a new force, period or scale!).

You can't really go wrong here - £3.60 (Rich's local put the price of a pint up by 10p!) for another 32 pages of maps, background and scenarios to work with Chain of Command and At the Sharp End

You are, though, going to need some interestingly obscure vehicles, as 21st Panzer were the recipient of some of Major Alfred Becker's rebuilds of French vehicles as self-propelled guns: in particular, a Unic P107 halftrack or two, a S307 auf Pak40 half-track, and a 15cm sFH13/1 (Sf) auf Geschuetzwagen Lorraine Schlepper (f).

In 15mm you're in luck, if you can find Battlefront's models. In 28mm? Warlord make the Unic, but you're clean out of luck for the S307/Pak40 (although the scenario does suggest an Sdkfz251/22 as a 'counts as', which again Warlord do), and the SP 15cm gun? Well... Black Tree used to do a Grille which would do as a 'counts as' as long as you don't mind something that's solid white metal and probably causes a local gravitational anomaly, or you could have fun with a conversion of the upcoming Warlord Marder I...

That aside? this looks like a fun set of scenarios...


  1. I will definitely be getting this!

  2. Mad Bob Miniatures makes Lorrainna Schleper with a 150mm gun

    1. So they do. Good spot. :)

      Wow, that's a bit of a beast.


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