Saturday, 24 January 2015

Review and WIP: Plastic Soldier Company M4A1 75mm Shermans

My ... rather large stash of 15mm vehicles is starting to take a dent, slowly. Today (as I need them for Monday's IABSM game down the club) I dug out a box of the PSC M4A1 Shermans (not to be confused with their M4A1 (Wet)[1], M4A2, M4A3 or M4A4 Shermans!).

You get 5 identical sprues: three part track assemblies, top/bottom/front hulls, top/bottom turret, three part hatch, three part gun+mantlet, tiny bow MG and a choice of US or UK commander figures.

It's a bit fiddly, but practise helps, and I am going to have to get used to it, since I have at least ten more of various marks of PSC Sherman to assemble. 'Yellow' liquid poly (you know what I mean) works fine: the trick with the tracks is to do them first, glue the bottom half onto the wheel assembly and then don't touch them till you've done everything else, before adding the top half of the tracks :D

The first one took me about 20 mins, I was down
Models bought from PE2Collectables
to under 10 for the last couple, even though the last one included fitting a commander and the open hatch.

By the time I was done, though, it was dark and way too cold to paint, so it'll be out with the PSC Armour spray at lunch time and a quick detailing and weathering session later on tomorrow.

With hindsight, I should have glued a couple of coins inside each one for weight - they are plastic, and obviously very light. Other than that? Nice kits, very clean, not that hard to put together.

[1] Which I have a strong suspicion is exactly the same sprue as the M4A1 except with different parts marked as 'not for this kit' and a different box :D

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  1. The first one can be a challenge but once you get in the swing of it they're quite easy. Good job as I've got about twenty PSC kits in the stash. The wet kit does have largely the same parts but the hull is different.


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