Saturday, 3 January 2015

It's been a bit of a mixed day, to say the least

James (son and heir) is 15 today, so we've had a houseful of teenagers overnight (argh!) who all thankfully went home after a stint at the local outdoor Battlefield Live (man, was THAT cold).

On the down side, we lost Merlin, our new and exceptionally cute (and three-legged) kitten sometime overnight - he appeared to have been hit by a car. :(

Janes is now happily playing on his new PS4, and a rather excellent meal out has cheered us up a bit.

On a military-related front, Anne gave me 2 quid to pay for parking while I picked up the PS4 in question, and I took one look and handed it back, saying 'I'm not giving that away'....

I must have missed the news about these being struck: really rather pretty.


  1. I collect all my £2 coins to spend at Salute. I need to see if I have one of those!

    Sorry about your cat. We don't have one but have been adopted by next door's and worry about him if we haven't seen him for a few days. Never thought I'd get attached to an animal...

  2. I've been looking out for one of those coins and haven't seen one yet!

    Sorry about your cat.

  3. Sorry to hear about Merlin Mike.
    Loosing a pet is gut wrenching

  4. Massive roller coaster day. Sorry for your lose

  5. Congrats on your son's 15th; but equally sad to hear about your cat. Hang in there - better times in 2015 in store, I'm sure.

  6. Sorry to hear that, Mike!
    Poor Merlin. :-(

  7. A day of ups and downs, so sorry about your cat.

  8. Sorry about the kitten. So sad. :(
    The coin is rather nice - we have two dollar coins here in Cannuckistan, called "toonies" since the $1 coins have a loon on them and were dubbed "loonies". Neither are as nice as that splendid coin.


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