Sunday, 30 March 2014

The follow up question...

The streak is back on! ;) (Ok, it's only 2, but..,)

Particularly for those of you whose answers to the question "how did you get started in wargaming?" were some variant on "Airfix"... And who didn't expand on it:

Where/how did you figure out/learn what to DO with the figures?


  1. My Dad is the simple answer. He came up with a very simple yet very effective set of rules bases on hands for range, rifle Has a range of two hand lengths, SMGs and pistols, grenades is the width of your hand, grenade, artillery blast was your hand spread out and D6 for hits, hit on 4 and wound on a 4. As simple as that and I played it for years until I got my first real set of rules.

  2. I watched a programme on ITV back in 70s where they played through war-games of classic battles - I remember Gettysburg prompting me to ask for a shedload of Airfix ACW for Christmas and I still reckon it was the refight of Chalons a week earlier or later than the Gettysburg one that started my fascination for Late Romans...

  3. Oh...forgot to mention...Airfix wargaming guides. I had an ACW one...simple set of rules. Then I had mates at college who gamed. We did wild west skirmishes, Zulu War stuff and WW1 Naval. I also remember playing WRG ECW rules back in 1985... And thus it went from there...

  4. After creativo the club in 1982 I remember that my first miniature games was... Napoleonics of course! After that it was Ancients (WRG) and only some years later we started with WWII but can't remember the rules.

  5. Friends told me about Grant and Featherstone books in the library, Mecano and Airfix Magazines.

  6. After me and my mate got tired of setting them up and throwing stones, rolling marbles or mowing them down while making machine gun noises, we made up our own rules after I saw some wargamers on the telly.
    As for the painting, I just bought a few paints and started.


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