Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Only three and a half weeks to Salute

Terrain board bases ordered (not without a 10 min phone call to make sure AndyM and I weren't talking at cross purposes about the slots for magnets!)

Terrain board foam on order also.

This weekend's job (if I can't manage it before) is to tidy the workshop to the point where the club can build 6 2' square terrain boards for Dead's Army.

Other than that? I need to paint the Foundry Vicar and Rector (there are too many good puns about the Vickers' gun not to!), and finish off my Warbases buildings to go with the club's stock.

After that? It's drawing up a Salute shopping list: the things I know are on it are Dux: Raiders, asome Crusader Fallschirmjägers, some PSC 15mm Churchills and some Perry metal War of the Roses command figures.


  1. Ahhhhhhh don't make posts like this... so little time now until then.. and I still have much to do for the painting comp and to know what to put on the (every growing) shopping list. Will be very interesting to see how this all ends up, and looking forward to seeing your game at Salute! Marked it on my map so I know where to go to be able to see all that I want/need to while there! Good luck with the progress.

  2. Looking for Harpoon 4 in the second-hand bins, and maybe some 1:6000 ships (WWII or later). After that, we'll see…


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