Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Another addition to the lead pile...

Having shamelessly plugged the Black Tree Design sale, I'd sworn I wasn't going to yield to temptation...

...until the miserable so-and-so's decided to add an extra 10% St. Patrick's Day discount on Monday!

Which netted me two packs of early war Fallschirmjäger for the draft list Rich published on the TFL Yahoo! group just before Hammerhead, having failed to do so at the show. I'll round these out with some Crusader FJ at Salute, and they'll make an interestingly different opponent for the Home Guard. The list has three sections, each with three teams - one three man MG34, two four man rifle. Should make very interesting playing. (Also, they get 6 command dice.)


  1. I think the Home Guard may be just a teensy bit doomed.

    1. Bear in mind the 1940 HG are a 5 dice regular force, but with a rating of -12.

      Against most regular opponents, they can amass quite a collection of list 3-5 annoyances, including help from a squad of regulars.


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