Monday, 24 March 2014

Chain of Command meta points list

For those of you not on the TFL forums (or haven't been keeping up) and who have an interest in exploring CoC force list design, you will be very interested in one of Rich's latest posts, which basically produces a points list for designing force lists :D

It's pretty simple, and it's (I shouldn't have to say this to most readers, but just in case....) obviously only intended as a guideline and not a resource for gaming the system, but it does make it very easy to (say) figure out how much the Home Guard lists or perhaps a Falklands list might cost.

The thread's here. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for posting Mike, I totally missed this thread

  2. Good morning Mike,
    A quick run through this morning suggests the Home Guard lists are overvalued which would appear to be in keeping with your observations on the table. We are looking at -7 or less for middle and early and -3 to +4 for late depending on how many Stens are in the mix. The +4 of course is firmly in the Boy's Own realm. ;)

    Once Rich posts the artillery points we should have a better idea about supports. The good news being that low force ratings means lots of HG "flavour" kit to play with.


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