Thursday, 20 March 2014

Warbases animals

(Via Andrew @ Loki's Great Hall, who has them all nicely painted up on his site).

Martin mentioned these at Hammerhead, while we were admiring their upcoming 15mm Pegasus Bridge - and I have to say they look for the most part really tasty. If you're into Dux Britanniarum or similar especially, the cows and sheep are going to be perfect.

So, coming out at Salute they have:

  • 2 Highland cattle (with a calf)
  • 4 Soay sheep (a nice period-authentic ancient breed)
  • 2 Shire horses - I'm not 100% convinced about the head sculpts on these, and my wife (who as you may recall is a vet) says one looks like a Shire, but the other looks more like a 54mm Shetland :(
  • 3 Anglo-Nubian goats
  • a bloodhound
  • a British Bulldog, apparently called Churchill (oh, yes yes yes yes yes...)
Guess some of those better go on the shopping list! The cattle and sheep look superb.


  1. Oh yes, that cattle goes on the shopping list, got to have something to steal when Raiders comes out.

  2. Thanks for the link Mike, there are a fair few animals yet to come painting them now, collies, chickens, ducks, more cows, more sheep, wild boars and pigs

  3. Back in my computer gaming days, Gunship 2000's mission editor would let you fight your squadron of attack helicopters across Western Europe through anti-aircraft fire… to attack your mission target, a flock of sheep. ("We take the Common Agricultural Policy seriously round here.")


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