Saturday, 29 March 2014

The end of the streak..

Well, that wasn't meant to happen!

Yesterday marks (apart from my Dad's birthday) the first day since December 17th 2012 I haven't posted on this blog. That's (I think) 466 consecutive days and slightly more posts, since there are a couple of days on which I posted twice.

It's not even that I had nothing to post - I have at least three things queued up in my head, and must have said to myself 'need to blog' at least three times yesterday. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line yesterday it got beaten by 'need to go to bed', and to tell you the truth...

...I clean forgot to post before I did.

So. Here we go. Consecutive daily posting streak: 1.


  1. Crikey! Impressed! If I manage once a week I feel I have done well!

  2. Good luck breaking that last streak, I don't think I have that it me LOL


  3. I started my blog on 9 January and haven't yet missed a day. Which means I will of course miss tomorrow.

    Mind you, I read everything by RSS, so I don't drop a blog if there are no posts for a few days or weeks or months; it'll pop straight back into my mailbox when something comes along.

  4. I say aren't we missing a match report from Vish?

    It was a good run while it lasted!


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