Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Plastic 28mm Arabs

[Via Carl from our club and Tom WD pretty much simultaneously in two different browser tabs. :) ]

Those awfully nice chaps from Gripping Beast have just announced that their new 28mm plastic Arabs will be out at Salute. The box art looks tasty, and the announcement says:
New from GB Plastics and released at SALUTE is this versatile and yummy box containing 40 warriors. You can make up to 16 archers, 16 javelin men or 32 40 [thank you, Hobbsy] spearmen from the box. Usable for SAGA or for Arab and Moorish armies from the conquest period to the siege of Vienna (at a pinch).


  1. Intruiging, though those sculpts look a tad uninspiring.

    Still, an interesting development and I might be tempted to grab a box to add typo the plastics pile.

  2. Did they just say cheap Haradrim?

    1. Weeeeelllll. Not in so many words, but yes :D

  3. Lovely! Cheap grunts means money left to actually buy one of them mumak thingys.

  4. hi chaps

    you can actually make 40 spearmen from the pack not 32

    I saw these in the flesh yesterday and they are very nice

  5. Could use them against Conquest games' Normans or Fireforge's Crusaders...?

  6. They really have come as a surprise and they will be well received I would think. I'll be buying about four boxes me thinks!



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