Thursday, 6 March 2014

Plastic 28mm Republican Romans

More 28mm plastic goodies...

It looks like the nice folks at Agema Miniatures have managed to book a slot in Renedra's queue (I suspect that, if your name doesn't begin with V, W or P, this is actually quite a feat), and will have the follow up to their rather lovely Velites available at Salute.

To quote:
This box set allows you to make up 40 highly detailed models of Roman Republican Legionnaires, comprising of 16 Hastati, 16 Principes and 8 Triarii. Bases are included.

Minor administrivia - as of the time you read this, I should be rolling down the runway at Heathrow in the direction of Seattle for a work security conference. I hope to keep blogging while I'm away: I suspect very early in the morning while I recover from jetlag - I do have a project to work on, which may prompt some posts.

See you soon!

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