Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Lard Central

A quick plug for a nice piece of work by Derek of Derek's Wee Toys blog...

Basically, he's used the NetVibes framework to pull together a nice global feed of all things Lardie. Looks great, and I for one shall be keeping an eye on it.

The only question is... if I link to it from my blog, which is linked to it... will the universe implode on itself in a fit of web recursion? :D


  1. Netvibes don't seem to update the feeds as often as they could. A blog posting I made at lunchtime still hasn't showed up. I guess they've got to make money somehow, they sell a VIP package which features

    "Faster Feeds: Jump to the front of the queue. Get updates from all your sites delivered sooner on your dashboard. You’re a VIP, you deserve a fast lane!"

    Annoying, but what do I want for nothing.

  2. The blog feeds are slow, but the Twitter search feed seems almost instantaneous,


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