Sunday, 23 March 2014

What I Did This Weekend...

Phew. I have had a weekend. Mostly working to make sure one of our teams at work actually has a system to use at 7.30am tomorrow, which has meant a chunk of yesterday and most of today fixing code that I thought was working on Friday :D This particular replacement system has been a millstone round my neck for the best part of two years, and I am very grateful to get it off my plate and out into the real world to replace the thing of horror that was doing its job.

On the good side, I did manage to get about half the workshop floor made visible on Saturday lunchtime, rather than covered in a large amount of electrical and musical... stuff, which bodes well for actually having space to get the terrain boards built for Salute on Saturday. I now have about 6 tower PCs of varying vintages to get rid of.

Also just sent off to 4Ground for another God-knows-how-many sheets of tiles: it's amazing how fast you go through their tile sheets roofing 28mm buildings (we're doing a club build on half a dozen Warbases VBCW buildings). And yes, I did succumb to the Russian Trucks Kickstarter. Consider it my reward for not shelling out far more on the Dreadball Xtreme one :D

Plans for this week? Club Dreadball league on Monday - time to see if the Valkryies can manage a win in league play, after last time's close defeat. After which, some more tidying in the workshop, and I'm going to see if I can get a couple more of the Warbases buildings from my stash assembled.


  1. When I took a carload of 18 PCs to the local tip, I was told that they were trade waste and they wouldn't take more than half of 'em. Fortunately I have another local tip. These people have no idea how techies live.

  2. I put mine out for the regular garbage pickup a refurbisher/recycler came by and took the lot.I didn't know there was a market of 486's ;)


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