Friday 25 January 2013

Two year anniversary

It's exactly two years since I started this blog! Scary thought, isn't it? I kind of hoped it would get this far, but I'm rather pleasantly surprised with how far it has got.

Here are some stats:

Total published posts: 238
Total pageviews: 58040+ at the time of writing. Check over there :D ------->
Average time between posts: 3 days
Longest unbroken daily posting streak: - 40 days and counting (17 Dec 2012 - today)
Most popular post: 1007 views - Maelstrom Games
Most popular day: 5 Nov 2012 (that Maelstrom post got linked a lot!)
Busiest month: November 2012 (5857), but this month should beat it - November was also the best month for new visitors
Best referrer: this TMP post (linking to the Horse Of A Different Colour series)
Best blogger referrer: David Dorward
Most popular search string: "palomino horse" (interesting)
Comments: 501 (and counting)
Most prolific commenter: hard to be sure, but my money's on Sidney Roundwood
Most commented post: I will buy nothing more from Games Workshop
Most popular tag: battle report
Most popular ruleset: Warhammer Ancient Battles (based on tags)
Different rulesets reported on: 14
Most linked site: Peterborough Wargames Club
Most linked blogger: Andy Hawes

Watch this space (I know, I say that a lot) for an exciting announcement related to the future of this blog - possibly on Monday, but that depends on how much the wife has for me to do this weekend!


  1. Happy Blog-Birthday!
    A quite impressive list of achievements, Mike.

    Keep it going, I always enjoy visiting your blog.


  2. Good stuff, and congrats on the milestone.

  3. Happy 2nd Blog Birthday!

    Impressive stats and well-deserved :)

  4. Congratulations and Happy Blog B-Day!!
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Happy Blogday too! Many useful and fun things to be found here - that's why your blog is so popular.

  6. Congratulations on the two year mark and may many more years to come.


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