Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Into The Woods - part 6 - another slight digression

This whole building woods lark is a process of continual improvement. I'm a little disappointed with how well the magnetic sheet I was using holds, or rather doesn't, the 2p-based trees. Most of you, on reading the solution, are no doubt going to go 'well, duh, Mike...', but I'm a slow learner, so...

I recently picked up some Battlefront M10 tank destroyers for my IABSM US force, and happened to notice they come with small neodymium magnets to make the turrets removeable but robust. "Ahah", thinks I, "I wonder if anyone does any really thin ones."

Turns out they do - I found a couple of eBay sellers who do 0.5mm thick 10 or 15mm disc magnets, so I ordered about 50. They need to be thin as they're going in the 'hole' the trees go in, and there's not much depth to play with. Anyway - they turned up today, so I peeled (almost literally, they're quite strong!) half a dozen off the stack and superglued them in.

As you can see, they have quite a bit of pull!

They're not quite man enough to hold upside-down the really tall Bachmann Scale Scenics pine trees I picked up the other day, but they're certainly equal to the task of holding the weight of the wire-armatured Chinese ones I bought.

Onward! Next up, the conclusion of the horsehair trees.

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