Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Painting Challenge - US Infantry

Here's my next entry for Curt's painting challenge - a platoon (plus some extras) of 15mm US Infantry. The figures are actually Battlefront, but using my IABSM basing scheme, which boils down to 4 men to a base (or 2 to a half base for the BAR guy + assistant) for sections, 1p or 2p pieces for Big Men (the theory, at least, is that the number of figures indicate the level) and snipers (on 1p pieces, just 'cause single figures look naff on square bases).

A dab of white paint, a
paintliner pen and a steady
hand :D
I'm also labelling the back of each base with an ID number - for squads its 'platoon/section', for anything else it's just a sequence number.

Painting's my usual - Army Painter black, Vallejo/Army Painter acrylics + ink wash (I'm not dipping these!), and the usual Tamiya+Javis basing routine
That's the company plus four
bazooka teams, and 7 Big Men

That's the main body of the company finished - usefully FoW bases fit two at a time into Really Useful Box 4L hobby tray sections!

Still to go (and I just finished assembling them), 4 .30 cal teams, 3 mortars, a couple of FOOs (also on 1p pieces), three snipers and two more Level 3 Big Men.

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