Sunday, 27 January 2013

Judge Dredd

Ok - I confess: I am in fact an unrepentant Judge Dredd - and particularly Judge Anderson - fan, to the extent of having written not one but two songs inspired by her, and having most of the original Titan graphic novels sitting on my bookshelf.

I'm a firm believer that comics can be as moving and powerful a medium as any other, and I will still hold up one particular Judge Anderson (well, actually mostly Judge Corey) story as an example. If you were a fan back in the day, and have a copy of the 2000AD Summer Special 1989, you'll know what I'm talking about - it's a short but stunningly powerful piece, not even in colour, called "Leviathan's Farewell'. Alan Grant was reportedly very annoyed that it was relegated to a one-off magazine that a lot of people missed. Fortunately, it's reprinted in Judge Anderson: The Psi Files 01, and I strongly recommend you go buy it just for that, even if that one story is the only hole in your collection. Several Anderson stories since reference back to it, and it's a necessary part of the canon, as well as being a stupendous piece of writing.
Tomorrow, I'll tell you how this was taken. 

Bearing that in mind, then, it wasn't exactly difficult for Rob to talk me into a game of the Moongoose Publishing game. And it was probably inevitable that shortly after that my Paypal account would have a nasty accident.

Here we have a bunch of Mongoose Judges, plus the Wargames Foundry Judge Dredd and Judge Karryn, and a Heresy Miniatures figure as a Wally Squad judge. Slight variation on my usual - these were undercoated in Humbrol gloss French Blue, and the basing is Javis grey ballast chippings with a wash of leftover Citadel black ink. And of course, these aren't historical miniatures, so aren't eligible for Curt's contest :D


  1. Excellent job! Love to see the Dredd minis! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice minis - believe it or not I've never watched the Dredd movies - I many have to now. Best, Dean

    1. The Stallone movie is eminently missable. The 2012 one with Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby, though, is (so I'm told, it's on my rental list!) much truer to the comics, which are the place to start, to be honest :D

  3. I hope the Justice Department has released those photo or else you will be spending time in an ISO Cube. Great job there and every time I see these figures I want them more.

  4. Nice work Mike! I've just painted up the Angel Gang, which like your can't be entered in the Challenge....Dammit!

  5. Really like that Heresy Miniature-she's got loads of style


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