Thursday, 17 January 2013

Into The Woods - part 5 - a slight digression

Over Christmas, I grabbed some trees off eBay, on the 'for that price, it's worth a punt" theory.

They're from an eBay seller called everestmodel, who is based in China: they have 99.9% positive feedback in the 10s of thousands, and shipping time is 2-3 weeks.

For 20 quid and change, I picked up 16 6" high deciduous trees, which arrived today. They're clump foliage, pretty securely attached to a twisted wire armature: they do shed a bit, but not as much as some. And, in fact, they are pretty damn decent, all things considered. They will need some form of roots/base, but that shouldn't be too hard, and a thickish coat of something grey/brown to hide the wire twists (although from wargames distance you could get by without), but otherwise? Me like, and they're a good variation on the ones I've been making.


  1. Nice! I really like using gardener's twine and PVA to make nice looking roots. You can see the results I got here:

  2. Six inch is a pretty decent sized tree for 1:76 scale work - and 16 of those for $20 seems like a good score to me. Looking at it close up, I see that the makers have been pretty clever. The 'long' spiral gives a convincing effect of bark (and the spiral effect is how trees grow as a rule anyhow. Except that in the picture it looks like the metal showing through, I'd leave them as is.


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