Sunday 13 January 2013

Book Review - "Second World War Infantry Tactics", Stephen Bull

I figured, given I'm hoping to play a fair bit of IABSM and possibly Troops, Weapons and Tactics and/or the new Chain of Command rules from the Lardies, that I ought to mug up a bit on proper tactics for WW2 infantry.

So, I had a bit of a trawl through Amazon, rejected a couple of Ospreys (which turned out to be by the same author) and picked up Second World War Infantry Tactics: The European Theatre. It's an excellent mix of well-written and well-researched analysis, along with a bunch of reproduced diagrams from manuals of the period. I suspect I'm going to have to read it several more times for all the useful information to sink in, but - to summarise - excellent book. Buy it, if you're going to play a WW2 company- or lower- level ruleset where the period tactics actually matter.

And let's face it. Why wouldn't you?


  1. That sounds like a good read i'll have to put it on my book list for this year. Another book that i'd love to get is 18 platoon by Sydney Jary but it's one i can't track down at a sensible price.

  2. Looks like this would be very helpful when building your table for a game and for strategy.


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