Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Battle Report - 21 Jan 2013 - Judge Dredd

As Britain is in the grip of the world's deepest snow fall[1] that has grown men cowering in their houses[2], some folks didn't make it to club last night, including my regular partner in Dux Britanniarum crime. Instead, I joined in with a pickup game of Mongoose's 'Judge Dredd' system, run by Rob.

Yes, these are shots from the game!
Rob has some awesome scenery, and he, AndyM (not to be confused with AndyH, AndyB or AndyMac - we are somewhat swamped with Andy's at the club) and I had three short games. The system is very bloody, very quick, and manages, despite being a pretty simple set of I-Go-You-Go, opposed skill roll rules, to capture the feel of the setting very well.

Out of the three, Rob got wiped out first all three times, and my judges wound up in a shootout with Andy's Judge Cal and henchmen. The first two times I was outnumbered, and wiped out - the third was a bit better balanced as Rob had managed to off one of Andy's renegade Judges beforehand: the firefight ended with Judge Cal copping a round of high explosive from Judge Orwell's Lawgiver...

Great fun, simple, easy to pick up: great for a club night, comes with a levelling/experience system for campaigns. Also, minimal outlay, as it's a skirmish game with half a dozen at most figures a side - AND... the rules are completely free to download!

[1] exaggeration, though you wouldn't know it
[2] seriously, people? Buy some winter tyres, learn to drive on snow! Our Polish workforce here at LOVEFiLM are laughing at you.


  1. Sounds like quite a fun game, and for minimal outlay. Is Rob's terrain paper/card from PDFs? Any idea where he got it from?

    1. Rob will confirm - I know he reads this - but I think it's WorldWorks Games - http://www.worldworksgames.com/store/index.php?view=catalog&cat_id=1

    2. Yep, WorldWorks Games. Specifically the Streets of Titan, Podtel and various Downtown buildings. Glad you enjoyed the game Mike, I know it's a little different from your usual fare. :-)

    3. *grins* I seem to be being stereotyped :D

      Seriously though - always have been a 2000AD/comics fan. and the Judge Dredd system just hits the spot as regards doing what it needs to do. Great pickup game, manages to capture the atmosphere (I'm sure the scenery helps :D). What's not to like? (he asks, eyeing the order acknowledgement from Mongoose... :D )

  2. I am eagerly awaiting the time when my group will join me in playing some 'Block War'! I love the setting and the rules seem simple enough to master quickly. Thanks for sharing your experiences!


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