Tuesday 6 May 2014

Project Planning

Time to get cracking on my 29th Infantry Division boat sections for next month.

The basis is a pair of Flames of War 29th Infantry box sets which, being Battlefront, are almost guaranteed (pardon my cynicism) to assume a slightly different organisation from the IABSM scenario I'm working to. (In their defence, Flames of War tends to work to TOE org charts, IABSM to likely in-combat ones).

So - in each box I get:
  • 13 assorted figures that will pass for Big Men, including Brig-Gen Cota
  • 4 figures with Bazooka
  • 4 figures with BAR
  • 4 figures with flamethrowers
  • 12 engineers with Bangalore torpedoes
  • 4 2 man 60mm mortar teams
  • 2 2 man .30 cal teams
  • 2 medics
  • 60 riflemen
  • 6 useful casualty figures
  • 9 useless casualty figures (sorry, figures in the middle of being hit just look crap)
From each box I need to assemble 4 sections, each containing (as per Rich):
  • One rifle squad (9 rifles, one SMG'd NCO) - 2 med, 1 small base
  • Two BAR teams (2 BAR, 2 rifles) - 2 small bases
  • One 60mm mortar with four crew (2 crew, 1 rifle, 1 SMG) - 1 med base
  • One flamethrower team with two crew (1 flamethrower, 1 rifle) - 1 med base
  • One five man demolition section (3 Bangalore torps, 2 rifles) - 1 med base
  • One medic - 1p piece
  • An unpredictable number of Big Men :D - 1p pieces
Major problems appear to be:
  • Not enough BARs
  • Not enough medics.
Everything else appears to be doable, and since I have a plan involving a nice chat with Command Decision re a custom-cast 50-pack of their casualties and medics (come on, this is Omaha, you can't just take a base OFF when it gets killed), the medics won't be an issue...

So. Anyone got about 8 spare 15mm US Army BAR gunners? [Answer "yes Mike, you dipstick. Peter Pig in nice packs of 8 for next to nothing!" *click* *click* *ka-ching* . o O (This online shopping lark is dangerously easy) ]

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