Monday, 12 May 2014

Battle Report - 12 May 2014 - WAB Age of Warlords

Another game in the club WAB Dark Ages campaign, protecting Britain from the invading Picts and their allies...

It didn't go well (stop me if you've heard this before). My opponent was Tony, with a non-Raider Saxon army (shieldwall, close order), and his mission was to kidnap (my story)/rescue (his story) a fair damsel from a hut on my side of the battlefield.

First contact was between his Gedriht (mounted) and mine (not), which was brief, and bloody, and ultimately didn't go well for me. Shortly after that, my Duguth and his collided, in a to and fro battle which took a frustratingly long time, and even my Gedriht wading in on a flank didn't tip the balance for several rounds of combat. By then, my Warlord had been incapacitated in single combat (for the second time this campaign), and the resulting test drove my mounted Duguth off the table...

By which time, Tony had the girl, but hadn't read the victory conditions, so spent rather too long escorting her around the table with his whole cavalry unit... I did, in the end, break his Duguth, but by then I was down to two units, neither of which were in a state to take on his two surviving units.

That aside? Great fun game, as always.


  1. It was a good game mike you did start to pull the game around but ran out of time and units lol


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