Monday 26 May 2014

(Delayed) Match Report - 26 May 2014 - Dreadball

And it's straight over to Vish and Jase for the end of our live tri-d broadcast..
"Ah... Vish wish to apologise. Since Devastators get whitewashed by bunch of girls in short order... Vish still laughing, by the way... Valkyries take on Arctech Unmentionables in exhibition game - loads of MVPs too. Vish like Unmentionables - big walking sushi. Lots of carnage.
"Anyway. It very exciting game. Down to last play of last rush. But Jase still editing highlights for you. Vish told him get lots of angles of Anya Anderson falling on backside, because it make Vish laugh so much he spray monitor with mouthful of sponsor's fizzy soda. MegaCola - it not just tasty, it great for cleaning screens too. So.. Vish and Jason very sorry - we have highlights package for you after Co-Prosperity news tomorrow. Till then, Vish wish you good night...[1] 
"Oh! Vish nearly forget! Also! Valkyries now have cheerleading squad. Vish off to Vish's bunk."

[1] As do I, as I didn't make it in till 11.30. Sorry for the short post!

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