Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Jackdaw History Folders

After a conversation with my wife this morning, in which I got a completely and utterly blank look when I asked (not that this is unusual, but.. :D), and a matching one with my colleague at work, I'm forced to turn the question to my wider audience:

Does anyone else remember the Jackdaw series of history folders at school? This would be around the seventies. Essentially they were a series of folders on particular topics in history containing several of what, if I remember rightly, were termed broadsheets of general text about the topic, plus a whole bunch of facsimile documents from the era in question.

I vividly remember school having the 1066, Romans and Domesday book ones, and there's a part of me pretty sure (and this is why I'm remembering it now) that I read about the Battle of Towton from one.

What's maddening is I can't find a list of the UK titles online (the US ones appear to be still in print, but the US isn't a complete list - see for example Richard III and the English Civil War in the picture above, which aren't on the US list).


  1. Yes absolutely.. I could usually be found with my nose in one!

  2. Yep. In fact my one on Waterloo during a recent clearout.

  3. My Peninsular War one lists 115 titles plus 24 Canadian ones

  4. Ooo. Would there be any chance of a scan or photo of that list? Many thanks.

  5. Another here, I had the Battle of Britain one from the IWM. It had a massive map of 1940s Britain and counters for the various British and German squadrons, so you could play at being a RAF fighter controller. I played with it forever... sadly missed. :-(

  6. Me too.... loved them... I seem to remember that for a lid my age at the time they were quite expensive (in comparative terms)...

  7. They sound like very useful teaching/learning resources, and, typically for anything that even remotely approaches worthwhileness, got themselves discontinued....


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