Monday, 19 May 2014

Match Report - 19 May 2014 - Dreadball

Two exhibition games for the club league tonight: one vs Carl's Settler Spacehawks, a very satisfying 7 point whitewash thanks, and Carl was gentleman enough to admit it, to a rather major booboo on his part, although to be fair, if he'd made the score, things would have been different.

Second game was against old adversary Dale's completely psycho Teratons, the Deranged Devastators. As ever, the name of the game against Dale is keeping enough players on the pitch to be able to get an unassailable lead. This was NOT helped by... well, we'll take you over to Jase and Vish for a live look-in at the game...
"And you join us about halfway through the Valkries/Devastators game, and as usual, the Teratons are taking it as seriously as any other. No deaths yet..." 
"Thanks, Vish. But the Valkyries are having a hard time keeping players on the field and out of the treatment room. This isn't helped by the fact that MVP Anne-Marie Heldar has decided that today she's going to play as a Striker..." 
"Valkyries coach not popular." 
"Indeed not, big guy. She got laid out by a Devastator in the first rush, and since she got back from the medical time, she's been riding the pine all game. As has Wildcard." 
"Vish think hardly worth wasting the MegaCreds. To be fair, though, the big lass did well against the Spacehawks." 
"True, she did. Anyway. You join us as the Devastators have just fumbled a pick up, and here comes backup striker Freya Sigurdsdottir..." 
"Jase fancy her, remember, viewers.
"Hrmph... As I was saying... here comes blonde bombshell Sigurdsdottir from deep in the Valkyries half, a long run, scoops up the ball without breaking stride, skirts the edge of the one point zone... is she going for a one... No!... Another couple of long-legged strides, and a rifled throw to Ola Gunnarson who's stood half-behind one of the big turtles almost under the three point target - quite how she hasn't got flattened yet is anyone's guess. Laser beam throw from Freya - she had exactly one spot she could throw that that Gunnarson could catch it and the Teraton couldn't block it...." 
"Perfect catch."  
"Ola snags it one-handed in mid-air, turning as she does so. Wow... the throw's almost part of the same movement, laser-guided, dead centre. Three point strike, and she absolutely nails the landing for the cameras. And the crowd go mental." 
"Vish think that a Strike of the Season contender." 
"Dead right there, big guy."
A three pointer from deep in the Valkyries half using just one action. That was the last strike in a game that was closer than it looked. Dale had a chance for a four pointer to tie it in his last rush, and... failed.

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