Friday, 9 May 2014

Artscow cards for IABSM/Sharpe Practice etc

Anyone who's played one of the Too Fat Lardies card-activated games will probably be aware of the very useful service provided by Artscow, that of providing a facility for designing and printing decks of cards.

Some of the Lardy regulars have already produced several useful decks, which can be found here on the TFL Wiki, including decks for IABSM, Sharp Practice, Through The Mud and Blood, Charlie Don't Surf...

I've just built a scenario specific deck for the 'Bloody Omaha' IABSM game I'm running next month using the "multipurpose card deck", which wasn't as painful as I expected: there aren't as many tools for alignment as I'd like but I did discover a couple of useful tricks:

  • Design your background as hi-res as you can to the correct proportions (5:7 width to height). There isn't a way of telling the system to add the same custom background to all the cards in a deck, but if you get yours designed right so it sits right when you drag and drop it onto a card, without scaling and moving, then its easy to do the drag/drop 54 times :D
  • Images on cards get autoscaled to fit the region you drop them in - again, be careful designing the image and size the layout area before you drop it in.
Next up, some "Sharp Practice: Of All Base Passions" War of the Roses cards.


  1. Artscow have produced many a deck for me..better and more professional than printing my own. Just make sure to register and wait for a %off and free international shipping .. Makes for a real cracking deal.

  2. Fine post, Mike, and very helpful link to everyone's hard work in producing decks of cards. I'll have to try the Artscow chaps out.


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