Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Book reviews - a statement in advance

I have been approached now by two publishers asking if I'd be interested in reviewing books of interested to my readers on my blog. Obviously, I'm a touch pleased and flattered, but I am also conscious that my reviews up to now have been impartial (yes, I really DO like Chain of Command that much!) and I'd like to keep it that way. So: from here on in...

  • If I review a book, rule set, supplement, whatever, that a publisher has sent me, I will make it explicitly clear that it's a review copy and who the source is (in the event it's not the publisher). 
  • The fact that I was asked to review it will not affect what I think or say about it, be that here, on Twitter, Facebook or Google+, or on the Meeples podcast. I have (I trust and hope) a reputation for being honest and direct in my reviews on here, and I don't intend for that to change.
  • If I don't think a book is relevant to this blog, I reserve the right to decline. (As a rough idea - wargaming, modelling, the history of those, military history or tactics? all fine. Outside that general area I'd probably look twice.)
OK? (And no, this is not me fishing for stuff to review, either! :D )

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  1. Good - a clearly laid out and ethical stance.

    In my opinion bloggers who review stuff they've been given by manufacturers and then review it need to make it 100% clear that they did not pay for the product concerned.

    And I don't mean mealy-mouthed phrases such as "we were lucky enough to get our hands on" or such and such a manufacturer "was kind enough to send us some", they should specifically state that they're reviewing something that they didn't pay for.

    I've seen bloggers write about things which they have been sent free of charge, not make that fact crystal clear, and then give a rave review to a repackaged product identical to something that's available elswhere at a cheaper price.

    I think that's downright dishonest and unethical. But it happens, and I'd bet that it helps keep the freebies coming in the door.


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