Thursday, 8 May 2014

Making a start - 29th Infantry Boat Sections

I'd have made more of a start, but it's hosing it down outside, it's bloomin' cold in the workshop and I don't have an indoor spray booth :D

That painful bit at the start of any 15mm company-scale project - sorting out the box of figures into poses, trying to identify the poses ('Is that a BAR?')...

Anyway, I got most of the stuff on small bases for one box sorted - I'd have done both if I could remember where the second box IS :D
Old style bases, which is not what I expected in the box. And I seem to have accidentally based the bazookas, which I didn't need to do. The extra BARs from Peter Pig turned up today, so I do at least have enough BARs...


  1. So why did I come into this room?

  2. Surely you can never have just enough BARs... Excellent stuff, looking forward to seeing them painted up


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