Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Royal Mail and paints...

I was wondering where this whole thing had got to, when a letter arrived from my MP the other day.

In short, the Royal Snail are dragging their feet something rotten.

If you haven't signed the petition yet, it's here.


  1. How odd! A politician who followed something up on their own recognisance where there are no votes involved. When you're finished with him please send him to Australia....

  2. How British. They have not responded to my written request so I'll write them again! Ha!

  3. ... or nominate him for PM. But I was going to ask: is the Royal Mail still 'royal' in the UK? It isn't in New Zealand, where it was long ago stolen from the common weal and given to some corporate types for a few dollars which were no doubt claimed back as a tax break. As you would expect, the service has declined in performance over the years, and, in view of the proposed twice weekly deliveries, will in consequence decline further.

    Never in this world ought public services, financed by the public weal, be placed in private hands.

  4. This is just insane. Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive paints in eggcup quantities; where's the problem?

    1. Lay it squarely at the door of David 'Al Capone' Cameron.

  5. Just farcical and typical of the mail service in this country..

  6. It's nice to see an MP that follows up on an issue. I suppose a second letter might get a grudging response, but really, the whole issue is ridiculous! As Evan Hughes points out, given the nature of the paints, where's the problem?


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