Friday, 13 June 2014

Things I learnt this week...

While finishing off stuff for Operation Market Larden tomorrow:

- PSC WarSprays smell considerably more and worse than AP primers, or so my wife tells me. Also, they can't get a can of spray to you within a week.
- EvoStik general purpose PVA dries about three times as fast as specialised 'scenery' glue. And costs about the same for 10x the amount.
- Woodland Scenics 'Realistic Water' dries about 3 times as fast on a hot week in June than in an unheated workshop in January
- Battlefront are definitely having problems. If it's not in stock (and do phone and check!) at your preferred supplier, don't expect them to be able to get it this side of doomsday.

Speaking of which, I need a BF US M7 Priest. Anyone got one going spare? Pref unpainted.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting time at your place right now



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