Tuesday, 3 June 2014

More terrain tiles

Finally managed to get a day doing scenery work for D-Day/Operation Market Larden, with help from AndyM at the club.

Too busy to take WIP photos, but here's a shot of the top layer of tiles (barring one) while we were testing them for fit on the lawn, and before we'd quite finished

Usual approach - CraftFoam 50mm foam for most, 3mm MDF base. Since Andy brought a crate of power tools, initial shaping of the hill tiles was a cinch with a jigsaw. The slope was cut with a combination of a hot wire cutter and a bread knife, and then a power sander taken to it. (Blue dust all over the garden path, and with hindsight, a dust mask would have been a sensible precaution, especially since I have several!)

We also had to cut trenches (joining various Tobruks, mortar pits and bunkers), and came up with two different ways, both pretty simple:

  • The full tile top left is slightly different from the rest in that it's two 25mm foam tiles stuck together, with a set of trenches cut in the top one using the jigsaw. 
  • The hill tile below it and to the left we'd already made from one 50mm foam tile, so that approach wasn't going to work. However, taking the router to it with the bit set to 20mm depth proved remarkably easy, both to cut a trench and to make recesses for the various bunkers to fit in.
Amused, not least because someone from our club had been admiring Sid's scenery at Partizan, and commenting how WW1 would be great fun, but making trenches was really hard work...

...Or, perhaps... Not.


  1. I am looking forward to seeing the finished piece on Sunday.

    Got any tank turrets to add to your Ringstände?

    Any big guns?

    1. The big guns are off table :D (The two Czech 5cm A/T guns don't really count as big, and are probably going to spend most of their time firing HE over open sights :D)


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